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Tartelette aux Tomates – Because Food Always Sounds So Romantic in French

Sometimes I just feel like posting a recipe because it is so darn good! No stories attached and none required except maybe this recipe is a teeny bit better when local tomatoes are in season. Having friends over? It is a prefect and easy appetizer that pairs perfectly well with a chilled rosé.

*Although I know how to make puff pastry, I do not go to the trouble of making my own. I purchase frozen puff pastry sheets made with butter only which yields satisfying results.

How to

  1. Oven at 400°F.
  2. Unroll puff pastry onto cookie sheet  leaving  the dough on the  parchment paper it comes with.
  3. Mix goat cheese with enough sour cream to make it spreadable without liquefying (the consistency of peanut butter).
  4. Add chives and some pepper if you like.
  5. Spread evenly across the dough, leaving just a bit of space around the edges.
  6. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until the colour is similar to the one on the pictures.
  7. The edges should be golden brown. Remove from oven and set on serving platter.
  8. Add the tomatoes. Let cool and drizzle with pesto or oil. Add garnish.
  9. Serve warm or cold