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A sincere  and heartfelt thank you!

To all of you, my readers and followers. I truly appreciate the views, the followings, the comments, the likes and the shares. I have not figured out yet how to welcome a new reader or follower in a personal way otherwise, each and everyone of you would have received a welcome to my blog note. It is very exciting to see my readership grow. What is even more thrilling is to see the different countries some of my readers are connecting from: that is really, really cool!!! Being a French Canadian living in Ottawa, our Nation’s capital, I never expected to spark an interest with a reader clicking in from Nigeria, Saudi Arabia or Peru for instance. Even if I am attracted to food bloggers from across the world, I never even thought others could be interested in my heritage as well. So, so cool!

So to all of you who read my little blog, whether it be faithfully or sporadically, I thank you sincerely ❤️